Ongoing PhD Students

Congjian GAO (2023-...)

Topic: Eco-design for continuum parallel robotics

Peng Wang (2022-...)

Topic: Grasping and Manipulation with Continuum Parallel robots

Andrea GOTELLI (2021-...)

Topic: Dynamic Modelling and Control of Soft Parallel Robots

Federico ZACCARIA (2020-...)

Topic: Design, Modelling and Control of Parallel Continuum Robots

Past PhD Students

Jorge GARCIA FONTAN (2019-2023)

Topic: Singularity and stability of vision-based controllers

Valentin LE MESLE (2018-2022)

Topic: Design of a new five-degrees-of-freedom high-speed parallel robot

Guillaume JEANNEAU (2018-2022)

Topic: Optimal design of high-speed cobots

Emmanuel AYALA (2018-2022)

Topic: Topology optimization of reactionless robots

Minglei ZHU (2017-2020)

Topic: Control-based Design of Robots

Rafael BALDERAS HILL (2016-2019)

Topic: Design of High-speed Robots with Drastically Reduced Energy Consumption

Lila KACI (2015-2018)

Topic: Design and control of an industrial wooden robot

Damien SIX (2015-2018)

Topic: Design and control of a flying parallel robot

Adrien KOESSLER (2015-2018)

Topic: Contribution to the increase of the operational workspace of parallel robots

Victor ROSENZVEIG (2012-2015)

Topic: Sensor-based design and control of high-speed manipulators

Georges PAGIS (2011-2015)

Topic: Increase of the size of the operational workspace for parallel robots by crossing Type 2 singularities (in French)

Coralie GERMAIN (2010-2013)

Topic: Optimal design of a parallel robot with two translational degrees of freedom for pick-and-place operations (in French)