The French FUI Project IRIMI:

An robotized medical imaging system for mini-invasive surgical operations


Project type:

Funded by the French Ministry of Industry


10,000,000 Euros


Apr. 1st, 2010 - Apr. 14, 2012


GE Medical Systems, BA Systèmes, C&K Components, CEA-LIST, IRCCyN, CR2i (AP-HP, INRA)

Objectives of the IRIMI project

The project goal was to demonstrate the feasability for a robotized 3D imaging system (Fig. 1) in order to feed the needs in terms of imaging in surgery rooms.

Fig. 1. The robotized 3D imaging system developed during the project IRIMI




Dvelopments of a new robot for medical environment.

12 patents published

47 jobs created, 31 being for anunlimited duration.


Video of the new system for 3D imaging here.