The AtlanSTIC2020 Project PROMPT:

Performance of Manufacturing Robots in Task Perception

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co-funded by the program AtlanSTIC2020 , the Ecole Centrale Nantes and the UBL


135,000 Euros


Oct, 1st, 2017 - Sep. 30, 2020



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Takes part in the EquipEx RobotEx.

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to be defined

Objectives of the PROMPT project

This project led by O. Kermorgant (LS2N - ARMEN) is the acronym for "Performance of Manufacturing Robots in Task Perception" ("Performances de la Robotique Manufacturière en Perception de Tâche" in French). The idea of PROMPT is to improve the speed performance of visual servoing (i) by better combining information from external sensors, which give position information, and information from proprioceptive sensors, which are more reactive and can give information on speeds and accelerations and (ii) having a better understanding of the kinematic performance of interaction models, especially their singularities.