The AtlanSTIC2020 Project RAPID:

Formation of Heterogeneous Aerial Robots for ExploratIon with Variable Dynamics

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co-funded by the program AtlanSTIC2020 , the CNRS and the Ecole Centrale Nantes


160,000 Euros


Oct, 1st, 2018 - Sep. 30, 2021


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Takes part in the EquipEx RobotEx.

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to be defined

Objectives of the RAPID project

This project led by Isabelle Fantoni (LS2N -ARMEN) is the acronym for "Formation of Heterogeneous Aerial Robots for ExploratIon with Variable Dynamics" ("Formation de Robots Aériens hétérogènes pour l'exPloratIon avec des Dynamiques variables" in French).

The project aims to deploy fleets of UAVs to inspect or control hard-to-reach and risky locations using fixed or flexible formations adapted to exploration. It will be a question of adapting the formations to the displacement functionalities, to the sensors and their performances.

Robust control algorithms will be studied for dynamics that can be fast depending on the places to be explored, estimation algorithms will allow a relative location between drones close to each other. From a sensor point of view, event-based cameras particularly suited to high dynamics will be considered in the project. The analysis of the type of formations in relation to the planned exploration will be studied, as well as the transitions/reconfigurations between them that may undergo singularities that need to be mastered.