Ongoing MSc Students

Tianyi Li (2023-2025)

Topic: Grasping and Manipulation with Continuum Parallel robots

Past MSc Students

Congjian GAO (2022-2023)

Topic: Continuum parallel robots for safe interactions: Contact modelling

Isaac TUDELA SORIANO (2021-2022)

Topic: Planning trajectories for making flips with drones

Elie HATEM (2020-2021)

Topic: Making flips with quadrotors in constrained environments

Orcan MAKTAL (2020-2021)

Topic: Oscillation control of an underactuated collaborative parallel robot

Andrea GOTELLI (2020-2021)

Topic: A Gazebo Simulator for Continuum Parallel Robots

Antonio MARINO (2019-2020)

Topic: Making aggressive maneuvers with drones

Alessandro COLOTTI (2019-2020)

Topic: Physical interpretation of the D-formation control theory

Federico ZACCARIA (2019-2020)

Topic: Modeling and optimal design of a plant-based robot body

Marco ORSINGHER (2018-2019)

Topic: Making aggressive maneuvers with drones thanks to parallel singularity crossing approaches

Pauline LAFOUX (2018)

Topic: Visual servoing of an industrial wooden robot

Guillaume JEANNEAU (2017-2018)

Topic: Modeling and optimization of an underactuated gripper for high-speed grasping of objects

Zhongmou LI (2016-2017)

Topic: Motion planning and control of a flying parallel robot

Matthieu FURET (2016-2017)

Topic: Design of exploration robots with reduced energy consumption

David LLEVAT-PAMIES (2016-2017)

Topic: Dynamic grasping of objects with a high-speed parallel robot

Vyshakh PALLI-THAZHA (2015-2016)

Topic: Definition of an active deformation model for the manipulation of flexible objects

Rafael BALDERAS HILL (2015-2016)

Topic: Automatic dynamic reconfigurability of parallel robot by crossing Type 2 singularities

Muhammad TUFAIL (2015-2016)

Topic: Visual servoing of a high-speed parallel robot

Abilash-Uday NAYAK (2014-2015)

Topic: Modelling and design of a robot made of wooden links

Alessia VIGNOLO (2013-2014)

Topic: Visual servoing of the Monash Epicyclic-Parallel Manipulator

Josselin BRIAND (2013-2014)

Topic: Changing operation modes of parallel robots through constraint singularity crossing (in French)

Marteen SAMUEL (2012-2013)

Topic: Stiffness Analysis of 2-DOF Translational Parallel Manipulators: Determination of an Intrinsic Stiffness

Latifah NURAHMI (2011-2012)

Topic: Conceptual design and analysis of 2-DOF parallel robot

Miguel MORALES-GONZALES (2011-2012)

Topic: Analysis of the performances of serial robots with 4-DOF based on RPaR orthogonal architecture

Yingcong DENG (2011-2012)

Topic: Sensitivity analysis of the IRSBot-2 robot

Cornelius BARNARD (2010-2011)

Topic: Creation of an optimal motion generator for minimizing the vibrations of a new high-speed robot with 2 DOF

Nayelli SAUVESTRE (2009-2010)

Topic: Shaking force minimization of high-speed robots (in French)

Dinh-Quan NGUYEN (2009-2010)

Topic: Analysis of the dynamic performances of serial 3R orthogonal robots

Coralie GERMAIN (2009-2010)

Topic: Analysis and design of a parallel robot with two degrees of freedom for pick-and-place operations (in French)