Isabelle FANTONI


Current PhD students

Ariane Spaenlehauer
Multi-Robots Exploration Strategies using Active Visual SLAM and Distributed Control Architectures, Heudiasyc, Compiègne, co-supervised with Vincent Frémont and Ahmet Sekercioglu, Heudiasyc. Grant: LABEX MS2T, UTC, starting in April 2016.

Hussein Hamadi
Extension to Fault Tolerant control during UAV motors failures, Heudiasyc, Compiègne, co-supervised with Clovis Francis, Lebanese University and Benjamin Lussier, Heudiasyc, Compiègne, Co-tutelle agreement with Lebanon, starting in January 2017.

Zhongmou Li
Theoretical developments and experimental evaluation of a novel multi-drones collaborative grasping and manipulation system of large objects, LS2N, Nantes, co-supervised with Hamid Chriette and Vincent Bégoc, CSC grant, starting in November 2017.