Isabelle FANTONI


My research activities between 1997 and 2000 focused on nonlinear control for under-actuated mechanical systems by using approaches based on energy, passivity, Lyapunov theory and resulted in a book published by Springer Verlag on this topic. My activities are then been oriented on the modeling and control of mini-aerial vehicles. I proposed several approaches to nonlinear control with bounded inputs based on nested saturations allowing to take into account the limitations of the actuators that have been applied in real time to multi-rotors helicopter platforms developed at Heudiasyc laboratory. Methodologies have been supported by stability analysis using Lyapunov theory. I also studied state estimation algorithms when the state is not completely measurable. Since 2005, my work turned to the use of vision for localization, navigation and control of UAVs, navigation assistance using optical flow.

My recent research objectives concern navigation of multiple aerial vehicles, exploration of congested sites by a fleet of drones, fault-tolerant control for UAVs under motors failures and control of flying grippers. My interests include formation control and reactive navigation of a fleet of UAVs using leader-follower and behavior-based configurations, fault-tolerant control approaches for rotary-wing UAVs, especially on a coaxial octorotor UAV and collaborative manipulation using flying grippers.