Houssam-Eddine Zahaf is an associate professor at IUT of Nantes University, in the real-time systems team of the LS2N laboratory. Earlier, he was a postdoctoral researcher and a lecturer in computer science at Lille University within the Embedded Real-Time Adaptative system Design and Execution (Émeraude) team of the CRIStAL Lab at Lille, France. His main research interests are in real-time systems, operating systems, scheduling algorithms, with a special focus on energy consumption and computing onto heterogeneous/unrelated platforms. Previously, he was a postdoctoral researcher in Hipert Lab, Unimore university in Italy.

He graduated from Oran University, Algeria in 2013 in Embedded Systems, within LAPECI LAB. In November 2016, he received a Ph.D degree in Computer Sciences from Lille university.

Ph.D Students

Latest News

  • October 2022: Kick-off meeting for CAOTIC project is scheduled, happy to start working with main french research groups on the topic of Interference.
  • October 2022: We are happy to host François Illien, a new Ph.D student co-directed by Audrey Queudet and me.
  • June 2022: Our Paper entitled : "Contention-free scheduling of PREM tasks on partitioned multicore platforms" has been accepted for publication in ETFA'2022. See you in Stuttgart.
  • January 2022: Our Paper entitled : "Memory-Processor co-scheduling for Real-time Tasks on Network-on-chip manycore architectures." ... has been accepted for publication in .
  • March 2021: I am a PC member of RTCSA 2021, Please consider to submit your work.
  • February 2021: I am the virtual chair of RTNS 2021, I will be happy to help you in managing your subscriptions, preparing yours videos, and to do connexion tests with you.
  • Januay 2021: I am a committee member of COMPASS 2021, please consider to submit a paper.
  • October 2020: We are organizing RTNS 2021, at Nantes. We welcome you in its first hybrid version.
  • November 2020: I am guest Editor for the special issue of IJHPSA journal. If you consider to submit, please click here
  • September 2020: Our paper entitled "The HPC DAG Model for heterogeneous real-time systems", has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on computers, if you are interested I can share with you the pdf of the paper, do not hesitate.
  • September 2020: I am hired by the University of Nantes and LS2N laboratory as an associate professor.
  • May 2020: Our paper entitled : "Preemption-Aware Allocation, Deadline Assignment for Conditional
  • April 2020: We have two papers accepted for RTNS'2020, See you June 2020 in Paris.
    • Allocation of Real-Time Tasks onto Identical Core Platforms under Deferred fixed Preemption-Point Model
    • Design and analysis of programming platform for accelerated GPU-Like Architectures
  • October 2019: Our paper entitled "A new congestion-aware routing algorithm in network-on-chip: 2D and 3D comparison" has been accepted in International Journal of Computers and Applications (TJCA), Taylor & Francis
  • October 2019: Chawki Benchehida presented our paper : "An analysis and Simulation Tool of Real-Time Communications in On-Chip Networks: Comparative study of real-time protocols", in EWILI 2019, the paper will be published in ACM SIGBED Review
  • September 2019: Our paper entitled: "The Parallel Multi-Mode Digraph Task Model for Energy-Aware Real-Time Heterogeneous Multi-Core Systems", has just been published on IEEE Xplore, IEEE transactions on computers.
  • July 2019: I am a member of PC of EWILI for the third time, please consider submitting your work in EWILI'2019.
  • June 2019: Kick'off of our europian project, WATERMED 4.0. Let's work hard.
  • January 2019: Back again to my city, happy to work again with Giuseppe Liapri
  • October 2017: Joining HiPeRT Lab to work with professor Marko Bertogna, what a pleasure.