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  • LS2N - Ecole Centrale de Nantes
  • 1, rue de la Noë - B.P. 92101
  • F-44321 Nantes Cedex 03

Phone: +33 (0)2 40 37 69 17

Fax: +33 (0)2 40 37 68 01


Research domain

Perception and action in the context of human-machine systems

Research activities and interests

My general interests concerns the design of technological systems based on the understanding of human behavior, with an emphasis on perceptual and motor processes and how those processes interacts with higher cognitive functions. I favor a interdisciplinary approach at the crossroads of experimental psychology, neuroscience, cognitive ergonomics and engineering sciences. This is achieved inside and outside LS2N through active collaboration with the teams speciallized in control theory, robotics and signal processing. External collaborations involve various academic institutions, but also a well-established industrial partnership with Renault, PSA, Oktal and Airbus, for instance.

A large part of my recent work has dealt with the sensorimotor and cognitive processes involved in driving. This involves studies on the visual control of steering (including gaze behavior analysis), cybernetic driver modelling, driver monitoring, and human-machine cooperation with highly automated vehicles. Previous research mainly concerned the perception of self-orientation in aeronautics and the control of goal-directed arm movements. This was done through the manipulation of visual, vestibular and proprioceptive sensory cues. I also worked on spatial cognition in collaborative virtual reality and the supervision of dynamic manufacturing processes.

Training & experience

Since 2019 CNRS Research Director
Since 2017 Head of the PACCE team at LS2N
2016 Habilitation to Direct Research (HDR)
Université de Rennes 2
Thesis: The hierarchical control of driving: application to steering control and human-machine cooperation
2012 - 2016
Head of the PsyCoTec team at IRCCyN
Since 2004 Permanent position as a CNRS researcher
2003 - 2004 Post-doctoral fellowship, funded by CNRS, Région Pays de la Loire and GIE PSA/Renault
PsyCoTec team (Director: Jean-Michel Hoc)
IRCCyN, Nantes (France)
Research topic: Designing assistance devices for steering 
2002 Post-doctoral fellowship, funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Institute of Rehabilitation of Montreal, University of Montreal (Canada)
Motor Control Lab (Director: Anatol Feldman)
Research topic: Contribution of vestibular signals to combined arm and trunk motion
1998 - 2001 Ph.D. in Neuroscience, funded by Association Nationale de la Recherche et de la Technologie and Dassault Aviation
Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille (France)
UMR-CNRS "Mouvement & Perception" (Advisor: Jean-Louis Vercher)
Thesis: Spatial disorientation in aeronautics - Contribution of integrative Neuroscience to the design of cockpit displays pdf
1997 - 1998 Qualification as a Psychologist: One year spent on recruiting and evaluating servicemen in the French Navy as part of my military obligations
1992 - 1997 B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Psychology
Faculty of Psychology, Université Charles de Gaulle, Lille (France)
Laboratoire des Neurosciences du Comportement (Advisors: Jean-Marie Coquery & Jacques Honoré)
Research topic 1: Influence of an illusory orientation of the head on the direction of pointing movements
Research topic 2: Influence of the direction of gaze on pain perception
1991 - 1992 One year lost at studying (and quickly despising) Electronics and Electrical Engineering
1990 - 1991 Baccalauréat C (general education degree with Maths and Physics as specialities)
Lycée Pierre d'Ailly, Compiègne (France)
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