Sébastien Faucou

Maître de Conférences à l'Université de Nantes
Address: UMR 6597 IRCCyN
1 rue de la Noë - B.P. 92101
44321 Nantes Cedex 3, France
Tel: +33 2 40 37 69 77
Email: no-spam-sebastien.faucou@univ-nantes.fr
GPG: my public key (new key since 2013-07-01)

Upcoming and past events

Research interests

I am with the real-time systems group at IRCCyN where I am working on engineering of resilient real-time embedded systems. More specifically, I am working or have worked on the following topics:

Lists of related publications can be found on Google scholar and DBLP.


ACTRISS (ACtion Temps Réel: Infrastructure et Services Systèmes) is a francophone research network on real-time systems that I coordinate with Laurent George. The network organizes several one-day workshops every year. The last one has been organized in Brussels by Joël Goossens and Vandy Berten on mixed criticality systems.

I also enjoy to participate to the AFSEC workshops on formal methods for embedded systems.

I use and support free software. I contribute to the development of Trampoline, a static real-time operating systems inspired by the industrial standards of the automotive domain OSEK/VDX and AUTOSAR. I participate in the following components: paravirtualization on POSIX platforms, task level timing protection, runtime verification with Enforcer.

During my spare time, I try to learn Haskell and to solve the problems of project euler.