Current Research Projects

Simulation and cognition
          - Topic: Adaptation of the automation strategy of autonomous vehicles (levels 3 and 4) to the driver's needs and states
        - Partners: VEDECOM (leader), IFSTTAR (LESCOT and LBMC), LS2N, LAMIH, LAB, PSA, Continental
        - Role: Participant
        - Topic: Evaluation of driving abilities for people with central field defects  
        - Partners : 
"basse vision" Center and Visual Ability Center of the Ophthalmology Clinical  "Sourdille", Nantes.
        - Role : Principal investigator
        - Topic: Interdisciplinary approach about longevity, mobility and improvement of elderly well-being 
        - Partners : Gerontopôle of Nantes, University of Nantes (leader)/Anger/Havre/Maine, CNRS (IRCCyN, ESO, IDEES, PACTE), INSERM (LIOAD).
        - Role : Participant and member of the comitee management

Simulation and collaboration
        - Topic: Platform of product/process virtual integration
        - Partners: EADS IW (leader), IRCCyN, AIRBUS France, IRT Jules Verne
        - Role: Participant

 Past Research Projects 
  • Glaucome (funding Société Française de Glaucome, 2013-2015)
        - Topic: Evaluation of driving abilities for people with peripheral field defects (Glaucoma)
        - Partners: IRCCyN (leader), "basse vision" Center and Visual Ability Center of the Ophthalmology Clinical  "Sourdille", Nantes.

        - Role: Participant
  • AptAuto (funding Region Pays de Loire, 2009-2013)
    - Topic : Evaluation of driving abilities
    Partners : IRCCyN (leader), CHU of Nantes, ARTA (Association pour la Réinsertion des Traumatisés crâniens Atlantique)
    - Role : Principal investigator
  • PARTAGE (funding: ANR/PREDIT, Vehicles for Terrestrial Transport program, 2009-2012)
        - Topic : Shared control between driver and automation for a safe trajectory
        - Partners : IRCCyN (leader), LIVIC, CRPCC, ESAR, LESCOT, IBISC, Oktal, Renault
        - Role : Participant
  • VR4D (funding DRIRE, 2008-2010)
        - Topic: Virtual reality for design
        - Partners : IRCCyN, CLARTE, EDNA, EMN, DCNS, AKERYARDS, BENETEAU, GRUAU, CNAI, SIA, Atelier St Victor.
        - Role : Participant
  • InterActeur (funding France Télécom, 2006-2008)
        - Topic : Human-Human cooperation in 3D vitual environments
        - Partners : IRCCyN and France Télècom (centre de R&D, Lannion)
        - Role : Participant

        - Topic : Human-machine cooperation for the prevention of lane departure
        - Partners : IRCCyN (leader), LIVIC, MSIS, UMR "Mouvement & Perception", Renault, PSA
        - Role : leader of the perception of road deaparture package
         - Topic:  Human factors issues in the development of lane keeping support systems
         - Partners : 
Volvo (leader), Fiat, Delphi, Fraunhofer IVI, LIVIC, I-SENSE Group, Ford
         - Role : Participant
        - Topic : Driving Safety 
        - Partners : LIVIC (leader), about 50 partners
        - Role : Participant

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