Guillaume Fertin

Full Professor
Computer Science Department
LS2N, University of Nantes, France
ComBi group


+33 2 51 12 58 24

Short CV


My research is about the algorithmic study of biologically motivated problems. This implies determining, for a given problem, the border between tractable and intractable instances, in order to understand what parameters of the problem make it hard. This, in turn, allows to determine the best strategies to circumvent the intrinsic complexity of the problem, and provide solutions that offer the best trade-of between execution time and quality of the answer.

The problems I have been interested in lately are the following:

  • peptide and protein inference from MS/MS experiments
  • genomic rearrangements
  • motif search in biological networks

Publication list


My teaching load is 192 hours per year minimum, but in reality it is closer to 240 hours.
The topics I teach are mainly algorithmically oriented (computational complexity, algorithmics and data structures, text algorithms, algorithms for comparative genomics and motif search in networks, etc.).

I essentially teach to Bachelor students ("L3" in French, meaning 3rd year after "baccalauréat") and Master students ("M1" and "M2", meaning respectively 4th and 5th year after "baccalauréat").


I am a currently board member of the CNRS Interdiscplinary Committee CID51 « Modeling and analysis of biological data and systems: approaches through computer science, mathematics, and physics ».

This committee is in charge of hiring, evaluating and promoting CNRS researchers.